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Singing Lessons


Would you like to learn singing? Here are several aspects that may inspire you:


  • Vocal techniques (support, warm up, dynamics, articulation, tone colors)

  • Jazz improvisation

  • Interpretation and expressiveness

  • Stage presentation

  • Music theory, solfége and ear-training


Beginner to advanced levels are welcome! Live or online lessons are available in English, Cantonese and Mandarin for individuals and groups of all ages. Please fill in the inquiry form for more details. 



  • 歌唱技巧(運氣方法、姿勢、熱身、音量、咬字和音質等)

  • 爵士即興演唱

  • 演繹和感情運用

  • 舞台表達

  • 樂理、唱名(Solfége)、音準和音感訓練



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