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Intertwined 纏

Debut Album 首張專輯
Releases on 27/1/2024 發布

Intertwined Album Front Cover
Intertwined Album Back Cover

Dive into the enchanting world of "Intertwined," the debut jazz album by singer-songwriter Keith Wong. Integrating modern jazz, choral, and theatrical essence, each original composition intricately weaves the complexities of life. His meticulous choral arrangement elevates "Intertwined" into an exhilarating vocal symphony. Embark on a heartfelt and reflective journey with Keith Wong and discover solace in a profound sense of peace.

走進唱作歌手Keith Wong首張爵士樂專輯《纏》的迷人世界。融合現代爵士、合唱和劇場元素,每一首原創歌曲巧妙地縈繞生命裏複雜的故事。精心構築的合唱編排,讓《纏》昇華成令人振奮的人聲交響樂。與Keith Wong一起踏上坦蕩的心靈之旅,最後在深邃的平靜中尋找安慰。

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Jazz vocalist and composer Keith Wong takes listeners on a captivating journey with his debut album, "Intertwined." Through a delightful blend of modern jazz, choral arrangement, and theatrical elements, Keith Wong weaves a narrative that reflects his deep contemplation of the world and complexities of existence.


The album consists of eight original songs, structured as an interconnected journey that takes listeners from the beginning of life to the present day, and beyond. Using his lyrics, composition and improvisation to paint vivid imagery, Keith Wong invites the listeners to experience a full range of emotions, from the depths of despair to the heights of ecstasy.


Keith Wong explores themes of love, loss, hope, karma and resilience, all while challenging us to think critically about the world around us. The journey begins with "Rite of Nature," a celebration of the primordial creation, where humanity connected with Mother Nature through rituals.


As the journey unfolds, listeners are plunged into the emotional abyss with the second track, "Void," mirroring the feeling of being lost in the darkness of life's challenges. "Four Walls," penned during the pandemic lockdown, delves into the introspective space of confinement, forcing individuals to confront their past, present, and future selves.


"No Matter What" explores the concept of unconditional love, transcending boundaries and embracing loved ones regardless. The album takes a dramatic turn with "We Saw You," a song inspired by the concept of karma and Cantonese folk tradition of villain hitting (Da Siu Yan), which is a way of venting one’s frustration and seeking justice. The journey continues with "Ridiculous", a satire on the absurdities of the modern world. 


“Intertwined” culminates with "Dance Until the End," a powerful anthem of resilience that calls for living life to the fullest, inspired by Keith Wong's personal experiences of facing challenges and finding strength in both good and bad times.


The journey concludes at "How Did It Happen", a thought-provoking exploration of the origins of life and the diverse perspectives that shape human beliefs. Keith Wong advocates for unity, regardless of differing ideologies, as the key to creating a more peaceful world.


"Intertwined" is not only captivating but also invites listeners to connect with their own souls. Each track is a chapter in a larger narrative, beautifully complemented by the rich interplay of lyrics and music. With a talented band at his side, Keith Wong effortlessly brings to life a diverse range of emotions and stories, creating an album that is both introspective and universally relatable. “Intertwined” is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys music that is eclectic and thought-provoking.

爵士樂唱作歌手黃峻傑 Keith Wong 以首張專輯《Intertwined 纏》帶領聽眾走進一段坦蕩的心靈之旅。融合現代爵士、合唱編曲和戲劇元素,反思世界觀和生命的意義。


專輯收錄八首原創歌曲,每首歌互相牽引,構成了一個互相連接的旅程。讓聽眾從生命的開端走到當下,甚至未來。Keith 用他的歌詞、音樂和即興演唱,創造出生動的意象,讓聽眾體驗四十分鐘的情感過山車。專輯探討了愛、迷失、希望、業和自強不息等主題,同時挑戰我們的幻想力和批判思維。


旅程從《Rite of Nature》(萬物之禮)開始。彷彿回到久遠之時,人們舉行祭禮與大自然聯繫,一切都是美好及純潔的。聽眾隨即時空穿梭,在第二首歌曲《Void》(空)跌入情感的深淵,感受生命裏迷失的感覺。


在疫情隔離期間寫的《四埲牆》,敍述被困在一個空間面壁思過,對峙過去、現在和未來的自我;伸延至《No Matter What》(無論如何)細說無條件的愛,包容對方一切。


專輯隨著《We Saw You》(看清你)出現了戲劇性的轉折。這首歌靈感來自因果報應和打小人。亢奮的節奏和詭異的旋律,就如敲打拖鞋和念誦咒語般,發洩不滿和尋求正義。繼而接着《認真荒謬》,在荒誕世界尋找烏托邦。


《Intertwined 纏》的旅程以《Dance Until the End》(舞到最後)走至巔峰。激昂的音樂誦出在苦困中也要找到快樂,舞動身體,盡情生活。最後,在平靜柔和的《How Did It Happen》(從何而來)結束,引人深思生命的起源。


《Intertwined 纏》不僅迷人,更是一場坦蕩的心靈之旅。每首歌曲都是一個章節。在才華橫溢的樂隊伴奏下,Keith輕鬆地將唱出生命中的喜怒哀樂。《Intertwined 纏》屬於喜歡多元音樂和想像的您。

The Making of 製作特輯


Producer 監製 | Keith Wong, Sebastiaan van Bavel

Composer, Arranger, Lyricist 作曲、編曲、填詞 | Keith Wong


Vocals 演唱 | Keith Wong

Piano 鋼琴 | Simon Gelsdorf

Double Bass 低音大提琴 | Remy Dielemans

Drums 鼓 | Marcello Saracino


Mastering & Mixing Engineer 母帶及混音工程師 | Stephan van Wylick

Recording Engineer 錄音工程師 | Hans Wijnbergen

Album Artwork 美術 | Studio DNNK

Publisher 出版 | KW Music

Digital Distribution 網上發行 | The Music Shell Limited

EAN: 8720844035076

Catalog Number: KW2301

©℗ 2023 KW Music

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